Greenspace Needs Annual Support and Donations

Greenspace relies primarily on personal, ongoing, annual, tax-exempt contributions to finance our annual operational budget of from $35,000 to $40,000. This pays for our Trail Superintendent's salary, other trail expenses, insurance and publications. All those who contribute to Greenspace are the background of this support. You provide over half the funds, and the City of Elizabethtown supports with matching funds. In addition, income from our Endowment Fund helps in most years. Donations to the Endowment Fund provide funds to assure the long-term success of Greenspace, while giving all of us an opportunity to honor or remember loved ones. There is further information under Endowment Fund.

Thankfully, we also receive non-monetary, in-kind support from members, civic organizations like the Boy Scouts, church groups, city departments, our all-volunteer board, and others. Especially helpful are people who have granted easements and donated property which is used for our trails.

Finally, over the years, special projects like bridges, large equipment purchases, new major trail construction, and unexpected repairs have received grants from government and other sources plus helpful support and contributions from the community. You can also click the Donate button below to donate via paypal!

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