Freeman Lake Trail - 4.7 miles

The Freeman Lake Trail is the city-owned right-of-way, which forms a circle around Freeman Lake. Trail markers identify each 0.2 mile interval. It can be accessed on the West at Mile 0 off Nalls Road, or anywhere in Freeman Lake Park. Additional accesses are at the North along Ring Rd. and on the East at the Pirtle Trail Loop on Pear Orchard Rd. Access from the South would involve walking the John Helm Trail from the Helmwood Shopping Mall.

The Freeman Lake trail is heavily used, and offers a great variety of scenery. Freeman Lake Park encompasses the western side and contains open, mowed grass. Featured are a one-room schoolhouse, and the Lincoln Heritage House that Thomas Lincoln helped to build. The North and East trail areas are mostly wooded. Items of special interest exist at all areas of the trail. Allow a minimum of one hour to traverse the entire five mile circumference.

Freeman Lake Trail Freeman Lake Trail

The two loop trails leading off the main Freeman Lake Trail are as follows:

Pirtle Interpretive Nature Trail Loop- 3/4 mile

This 3/4 mile loop trail encompasses 10 acres. It is accessed by a parking lot on Pear Orchard Road, and by the Freeman Lake Trail at the Emerald Cathedral on Gen. Braddock Creek at mile marker 1.8. Along the trail are five marked stations to help make you aware and appreciate specific items. Wildflowers are particularly enjoyable in the springtime.

Claysville Trail Loop - 1/2 mile

This one-half mile loop extends from the ends of Freeman Lake Dam at mile markers 2.8 or 3.2, connecting to the John Helm Trail and then back again. It circumvents the Water Treatment Plant.