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Trivia Night 2013 Resulted in a Hotly-Competitive Contest.

The Winners of the Hotly-Competitive Trivia Night Contest of Nov. 2, 2013, are members of the Dyrdek Family.   Carly, R.J. and Bev Dyrdek, Chris Harruff, Alex , Susan and Tim Singer all exhibited their Certificates proclaiming them Masters of Trivi .. ology!    The Second-Place Team lost the contest by only one point!   Members were George and Paula Tymitz, Don & Ruth Reichert, Stuart and Jacob Couch, and Richard Keys.    The entire crowd of about 200 participants, thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Tony Smith’s clever and challenging trivia questions.  

 Tony’s family provided skilled scoring and technical support.    Trivia questions were projected on-screen via a Power Point projector.   Contest scoring of the 30 teams was also projected.   The crowd enthusiastically and loudly appreciated the real-time results.   See photos on the Greenspace Facebook Page.
Originally Published on Friday, September 27, 2013 under OnGoing Events
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