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Greg A Geocache container example.Geocache found along the trail.

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Geocaching 101
Join Geocacher "Turtle3863"(Greg Norberg) and Greenspace at 10 AM on 8 October 2016; Near the south trailhead of the Wintersmith Trail (picnic shelter behind the old Dairy Queen off US 62 ) for some information on the newest GPS treasure hunt called Geocaching.

Learn how to find these treasures that are all over the world. Several GPS devices will be on hand for you to use as well as instruction to download a free app onto your smartphone. We will conclude the questions and answers with a short hike and demonstration along the Wintersmith trail. This event is free, all you need is a sense of adventure.

For additional details see the Greenspace Facebook Page or email
Originally Published on Sunday, May 29, 2016 under Past Events
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