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Where on the Greenspace Trails are the Butterfly Friendly plants?
Please help Greenspace identify the location of Butterfly Friendly Plants. The plants to look for are: Common Milkweed; Butterfly Milkweed; Ironweed and Joe-Pye Weed. These so-called weeds are necessary nectar plants for butterflies -- especially the endangered Monarch Butterfly. If you spot them along any of the Greenspace Trails, please send in a report of their exact location. Use Contact Us on this Web Site. We will then encourage their growth and propagation. We know that some of them have been planted in the Butterfly Garden at Freeman Lake near the Log Cabin. These are cared for and maintained by the Garden Club of Elizabethtown. This is great! But we need to know where else they are located along the 15 miles of Greenspace Trails !! You will be helping in the important survival of fragile butterflies! You will also receive a Certificate of Appreciation from Greenspace.
Originally Published on Monday, September 16, 2013 under OnGoing Events
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