About Us

History of Greenspace, Inc.

In 1970, a national award winning flood control project was completed by the City of Elizabethtown and the Hardin County Soil conservation Service. It created the opportunity for a twenty-mile linear park system to follow along the natural riparian streams through and around the City. Under the guidance of the City Planner, volunteers completed a feasibility study and prepared a Greenbelt Plan. It was adopted by the City.

In 1974, Greenspace, Inc. was formed to work with the City, and to apply for grants to develop the Greenbelt Trail System. Local groups built the first trail section along the east side of Freeman Lake. In 1975, the City adopted historical names for parks, trails and streams as prepared for Greenspace by a local historian.

The Elizabethtown Greenbelt

The Elizabethtown Greenbelt is an expanding series of trails, parks and open spaces around Freeman Lake, Buffalo Lake and John Severns Lake, as well as the streams that flow to and from them. Since 1974, the Elizabethtown Greenbelt has been promoted, developed and maintained by Greenspace, Inc.